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The pear deck’s Joinpd connecting gateway allows you to join an online presentation that is already in progress. As a result, you may connect to the presentation being given by your professors or students right now by using or entering a code at login. On the site, there is a text area where you may enter your code and immediately connect to your computer or mobile device.

Join Pear Deck (Joinpd) is an acronym for “Join Pear Deck.”

If you’d want to attend a live presentation, you may do so by submitting a verification code to or, both of which allow you to do so. It’s a place where students and instructors may go to get help understanding and learning new topics.


JoinPD Code


Take, for example, the step that discusses how a crucial piece of functionality works. Using a peer deck portal, a teacher may put up a presentation that students can join in real-time by just visiting the website and entering the verification joinpd code. Using real-time verification technology, it’s a quick and safe method to input any presentation online.


In what way does the Pear Deck Join Code differ from other codes?


A instructor or host generates a five-digit number known as a JoinPD Code. Attending the pear deck meeting or class is mandatory.

Creating the code and sharing it with others is as simple as writing a few lines of code. Create your own pear deck code and provide it to your pupils if you’re a teacher.

Student: If you’re looking for the pear deck join code, ask your mentor or instructor.

In order to use Pear Deck, who must have an account?

Pear deck’s online services are open to everyone. Below, we’ve included a list of the many types of humans. Check it out.

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Admin of the building
  • Others, such as consultants
  • Administrators of the districts
  • Librarians
  • Those who work in the field of media.
  • Integration of technology
  • The head of technology Login


If you fall under one of the criteria, you may begin utilizing your pear deck account immediately.


  1. Visit Join to get started.
  2. Below, we show you how to register for a Join.PD account.
  3. JoinPD’s official website is “” or “,” so go there first.
  4. Go to the website’s top-right menu and click “Teacher Login.”
  5. Log in using the option that best suits your needs. “Log in with Google” or “Log in with Microsoft” are the only possibilities.


Access your Google Drive account using “JoinPD” or “PearDeck.” You’ll be asked a few questions by JoinPD, and you should answer them to the best of your ability. PearDeck has said that they would not save any of your personal information. In the meanwhile, if you’re curious, you may have a look at their data policy.


Now you may begin the process of creating your JoinPD account. If you want to create a “JoinPD” account for yourself, choose “Teacher.” Otherwise, click “Student.”


To link your JoinPD or PearDeck account with your Google account, click “Authorize” as a teacher and sign in with your Google account.


Choose your school from the drop-down menu and enter the zip code where you are located. As an alternative, if your school is not on the list, input the name of your school and your region’s postal code, or any number (5 digits) to represent the postal code, in order to find your school.

Participate in the joinpdcom


When you pick an instructor-paced activity, the projector view opens, and the join instructions are instantly displayed on the screen.


  • To begin, visit joinpdcom.
  • Your five-character Pear Deck Code may be found at if you were logged in during that session.
  • After a week, the access code expires, but the link to the session remains. If you want students to stay for longer than a week, provide them the link.
  • Using a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account email and password, you may join the session anonymously. Your login preferences are what determine whether you’re able to log in.
  • The Dashboard view appears when you choose a student-paced activity and have premium access.
  • You may join at any moment by clicking the join code in the upper right corner of the screen.


joinpd code Process


  • In Google Classroom, create a Pear Deck.
  • In order to do so, this is how:
  • Begin your lesson on the Pear Deck.
  • Navigate to the Dashboard.
  • The blue roster icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard is where you’ll find all of your team’s rosters.
  • Click on Invite your class on the roster.
  • The names of new pupils are highlighted as they join.


What’s the best way to participate in a presentation?


Furthermore, the instructor may restrict and regulate what each pupil is allowed to do.

With JoinPD, instructors are able to keep an eye on the progress of their students by preventing them from modifying or changing their answers to quizzes.


Pear Deck at Join.PD benefits


  • Integration of the join.pd Add-Ons
  • Extend the Class/Lesson over the Internet
  • Microsoft Excel may be used to export class data
  • Synced Roasters: Access and Management
  • Using Your Gmail ID as a Single Sign-On
  • Google Drive lets you share an unlimited number of files

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A presentation can be quickly and securely shared with students using peardeck, according to my perspective. I showed you a resource called Join PD, which you can utilize whether you’re a student or a teacher. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to further assist you with creating your presentation and setting up your account on the app deck portal. I will edit the post to reflect your new information. The pleasure was all mine.